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Disney’s Newest Princess

Meet Disney's Newest Princess

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Mama, how do you spell PRINCESS?

I get these requests frequently from my daughter.  About to start Kindergarten in only a few weeks now, she easily knows how to write all her letters; it is much to her dismay that she only knows how to spell a handful of words.

“I wanna tape this note up so I won’t forget about it.”

Ah yes, this is about that email I got from Disney, about their new Princess movie coming out in December.  My daughter was standing by me when I opened the email, so I showed her the trailer clip.  Was there a part of me that wondered if she STILL was into the whole Princess thing?  Was there any doubt that she would want to pass on a new Disney movie?  What was this Zen Mama Wannabe thinking?

I give her the tape and she proudly sticks her note up on my wall, right by my desk.  Hey – why MY wall, I ask her?  Shouldn’t it go in HER room?

“Mama! (as if this all makes perfect sense and she can’t believe she has to explain it to me)  You know I can’t read!”

Disney’s marketing team couldn’t have planned it better if they tried!

So what do you think?  Are we ready for another Disney Princess?  Will Princess Tiana be the next Belle or Ariel?  Are your kids still into these types of movies?  (Though I suppose there really is no “correct” viewing age.  I have met adults who are always first in line for ANYTHING Disney…which never ceases to surprise me – but then I still get shocked at the die hard fans folks who go to Disneyland sans kids. )

Well, I’m certainly in no place to talk – you know where I’ll be the weekend of December 11th – yep, in line at the movies.  Will I see you there??  Maybe you need a note to remind you.  You know I’ve got mine.


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One Response to “Disney’s Newest Princess”

  1. callienadbatido Says:
    August 15th, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    I think we all are princess’ in our hearts. 🙂

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