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Dodging Bullets

Preliminary test results from the doctor visits yesterday showed good news.  The lump on our beloved dog appears to be a harmless fatty tumor (the best case scenario).  The Doppler study on my mom’s carotid artery revealed no blockage and made the technician exclaim, “I only hope MY arteries look as good and plague-free when I am 89!”  Whew!  A good ending to a long day.

We dodged some bullets, avoided being struck down, and for that this Zen Mama Wannabe is truly thankful.  I don’t kid myself however; the fight is hardly over.  When you reach Old Age, as both my mother and our 4-legged companion have done, once you engage in battle, you are in it for the duration.  This round may have gone to us, but the war is hardly over.  We will get fired upon again.  I just hope we have a reprieve for a while…to savor this victory and enjoy daily living, and build up our energy for the next round.

My mom and I next have a neurologist appointment on our calendars.  The hospital technician thought they might order an MRI of her brain, so they could see if she has had any TIAs (or mini strokes – which is what they think she had that caused her original problem).  New information will be gathered and we will take it all one-step at a time.

A quick Goggle search on TIAs provided some eye-opening info from the American Heart Association: over a third of the people that had have one or more TIA go on to later have a stroke.  In fact, half the people have the stroke within one year of having the TIA.  Her father and brother had strokes – significant ones.  This is definitely something to keep on our radar screens.

So yes, I am so grateful my mom is doing well and no blockages were found.  But do I feel we are through with this whole episode?  Unfortunately no.  Bullets were dodged but chances are this is far from over.

But Life and all its busyness goes on.  School projects and homework assignments continue.  Garages need to be organized; miscellaneous boxes still need to be unpacked.  Playdates and birthday parties continue to occupy our time.  It’s easy to forget that we didn’t take a hit.  Previous worries have dissipated – at least temporarily – and sometimes it is like it all never happened.

I try to remind myself to take a deep breath.  To take a moment to give my thanks.  No hits, no casualties.  Yes, it was a good day.

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One Response to “Dodging Bullets”

  1. callieandbatido Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Such a hard thing to be facing…. to be watching our parents age and being the ones to now be helping guide them through life. Did they feel this much pressure, responsiblity, love, protection and worry that we now feel for them? Being a mom I guess I can only answer “YES!” But the daughter in me can’t help but feel that I have it a bit tougher…I try to quiet the 15 year old in myself whenever I can. 🙂 Good luck Zen Mama. We keep your mom in our prayers.

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