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One Word to Sum it All Up

AGH!  May I say that again?  AGH!!!!  That’s it – that’s my word; quite frankly, that is my life right now.  Some people have easy-going lives that plod along, staying the course amidst any turmoil.  Not the case for this Zen Mama Wannabe.  My life is so upside down, inside out, high, low, and everything and anything in-between.  I don’t know which end is up – but that is ok, because as you all know, you cannot keep a good Zen Mama down for long.  I am slowly getting back on my feet, back in my groove – so look out, World! Well, soon enough anyway.

It is hard to find me right now among all the moving boxes.  They are piled so high and crammed so full – and they seem to be multiplying!  Going from a big house to a smaller house is tricky, even with a storage unit, which is also packed so full a little mouse couldn’t make its way in!  The move was one we WANTED to make.  Yet it came up on us suddenly and having my mom break her wrist (her right one of course – and naturally she is right-handed) in the middle of it all just added to our chaos.  I spent hours at the hospital on 2 separate occasions leaving my husband to deal with the bulk of it.  We both agreed it was what I should do – but it didn’t help with the stress level moving brings about.

We feel unsettled, not at all situated in our new digs.  Each day that I get the kids fed and dressed  (yes, in clean clothes) and off to school feels like a major accomplishment.  I unpack box after box and don’t seem to make a dent in the sea of cardboard we are surrounded by.  Our priority has been making this go smoothly for the kids – and thankfully they are such happy children that they don’t seem phased by it all.  Confession time:  my son couldn’t even play in his Little League game last weekend (the movers had just left the night before) because we couldn’t find his mitt or cleats.  I mean, come on!  How pathetic is that?!  And yet, he didn’t sulk or complain or throw a fit, as one might expect a young boy who LOVES baseball as much as he does might do. 

And my dear husband, who can’t stand disorder or too much mess in his environment, hasn’t said one word to me on why can’t I get more done during the day.  In-between taking the kids to school and to all their various activities and helping my mother with all the many things, including taking her to physical therapy 3 times a week, I find my days used up on “other” stuff when all I really want to do is get the house in order for us.  

I want to be done with this part of the process (the dreadful unpacking process and making things fit when the space is entirely different than you previously had).  I want us to be outside, enjoying our new scenery and all this spring sunshine (especially as they keep predicting rain in the forecast in the week ahead).  We traded being surrounded by redwood trees in a beautiful, tranquil spot for a newer development right on the bay, where people are always out walking on all the bike paths and enjoying the saltwater air, and where it seems even getting your mail can become a social event.  I’m ready to move on to the next part and yet instead feel bogged down in the very worse way by endless boxes, packing paper and that ridiculous moving tape all over everything. 

And the worst thing is we seem to have lost a key piece to our coffee maker/espresso machine, making the latte side of it unusable at the moment.  On top of everything else, no morning latte??!  Ooh you really know how to kick me when I’m down. 

This week promises to be more of the same:  school, activities, hand therapy appointments, and overdue thank-you notes from my Little One’s 5th birthday party that took place 4 days before the movers showed up (just to add to the hecticness of it all).  And of course there is the quest of getting rid of more boxes – and possibly more stuff (I think part of the problem is we just have too much stuff!  Remember what I said about downsizing being "the new black?" Why didn't I listen more to my own advice?!)

So let me just vent one more time:  AGH! – and now I will get back to work.  Baby steps, right?  I just wish I could slow down my roller coaster life for just a bit so I could get caught up.  But until I figure that out, I will just try to take it one thing box at a time.

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3 Responses to “One Word to Sum it All Up”

  1. LarkLady Says:
    April 6th, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Let’s face it: moving is no fun. Ever.
    But look at the bright side: you weren’t moving across country; you didn’t have one of the moving vans get lost en route. If all you’ve lost is a pice from your coffee machine, you’re doing pretty well!
    You have a lot going on in your life besides moving, it sounds like, so give yourself permission to tackle those boxes at a reasonable rate. Don’t postpone all of life’s pleasures until the last box is unpacked — use a walk by the water as an incentive: “After I unpack 2 boxes, I will go for a 20 minute walk to refresh myself.” That sort of thing can get you through it all in a better frame of mind than focusing exclusively on the pile of cardboard cartons — and all the other “have to” items!
    As for the latte, try heating milk in the mug in the microwave, then adding a tablespoon of powdered milk, then pouring in the coffee to fill the mug. It’s not the same as your latte machine will make — but the powdered milk makes it foam, at least a little 😉

  2. callieandbatido Says:
    April 10th, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Okay, I am from Seattle, the coffee capital, and have to say, I appreciate the seriousness of not being able to make a great cup of coffee. You definately need to give yourself permission to go out for a good cup of coffee every morning. Let’s face it, it’s important.
    That said, I agree with Lady Lark. Relax, Zen Momma and enjoy your new place. The unpacking will happen, even if slower than expected. You have so much on your plate right now with your kids schedules, doctor’s appointments and trying to settle in.
    I think we all feel that “once we get….done” life will relax and get back to normal. I haven’t hit that spot in over 5 years. Welcome to life in 2110.

  3. Zen Mama Wannabe Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Ah yes, the coffee piece to our moving woes….being from Seattle you are SURE to understand! 🙂 It’s been a rough go here but yesterday we FINALLY found that little missing part (well, 3 of them actually) that prevented us from starting off our mornings on the right foot. I’m sipping my homemade non-fat latte as I type. Ahh! Things are definitely looking up!

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