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Making a List – Checking it Twice

Want to learn more about my magic?  Last week, I mentioned a magic potion to combat fear, but this works all the time — in the good times and the bad.  Any time.  Easy breezy to do – AND again, it works.  What are you waiting for?  Ready to give it a try?

Think of something you want.  A romantic partner, a new job, a new place to live (the possibilities are endless).  Write it down.  Then write down all the details.  What qualities does your ideal partner have?  What does this new job look like?  What would you need to be doing to have it be exactly the type of work you want?   Write down each thing.

Sometimes this is harder than you might think. So Michael Losier, author of the Law of Attraction, has a suggestion: first start by writing down all that you DON’T want.  What don’t you want in a job?  What don’t you want in a partner?  Sometimes it is easier to be clear on what we DON’T want than on what we do.

Then take the list of all that you DON’T want, and turn each thing into what you ARE looking for.  If you wrote that you don’t want a job where you have to be in an office from 8-5 each day, then you might turn that around to say: I want a job where I have flexible hours and am in charge of my own schedule.  Just like that you have figured out what you do want.   And going forward, it is the positive side of your sheet you want to focus on. (Remember, you get what you think about).

Way back in 1997, after a particularly disastrous relationship (as was sadly the one before that – just in different ways), I made a list of all that I wanted in a lifetime partner.  I wrote down 22 things, and put an asterisk next to 5 of them that were deal-breakers for me.  I pulled that list out again not too long ago and did a quick calculation:  I am married to a man that has 18 out of those 22 qualities/traits.  And of those big 5, he had (and still scores) a perfect 5 out of 5.

It works. You have to know what you want. And be clear about it.  You have to put the request out there and be serious in your intent (and be aware that there is no room for shallow thinking).

I did this when we sold our house in LA and were in the process of moving up to Northern California.  After a particularly grueling house-hunting search, in which we found NOTHING, I felt defeated and depressed.  To combat that fear, I sat down and wrote out the things I really wanted in a house in the new town we were moving to.   I told myself if I could have the best-case scenario, what would it be?  Not fanciful, unrealistic stuff – but nevertheless I told myself to Dream Big.  There were certain things I would be really excited about having in our new home (or some that we absolutely had to have) – I listed them all.

I won’t sugar coat it.  The process went down to the wire.  It was a high stress, Hail Mary situation.  For a while we thought we might end up in corporate housing – and even that didn’t seem like it would work (no vacancies at the inn)!

But as it always happens, it worked out.  And later as I was unpacking boxes, I came across my list.  The house we were moving into had 10 out of the 11 things I had listed!  I am still just as astonished by that now as I was then!  These lists work!

So you would think, knowing what I know from my previous experience, that I would be writing these lists all the time.  Of course one would think that.  But I am a Wannabe, remember, struggling like everyone else (or maybe struggling more than everyone else  – it sure feels that way sometimes)!

But what this Zen Mama Wannabe does know for sure is that these lists work, when made with the right intention. And I also know anyone can do them.  Male, female, young, old.  It only takes a pen and a piece of paper and a clear head.  Wanna see if it works for you?  Give it a try.  After all, you have nothing to lose and possibly much to gain!

Michael Losier even has a worksheet you can print – for FREE – if you find it helps.  I decided I am saving my lists in a file folder – so I can easily refer back to them and check in with how I’m doing. I think you might be amazed at that which will come into your life if you only take the time to ask for it.

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  1. callieandbatido Says:
    February 16th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Sounds like it really works. I will download the worksheet and give it a try.

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