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Change Has (Finally) Come

When this Zen Mama Wannabe’s kids look back on this day years from now, I think their story will be something like this:

Mom and Dad let us stay home from school that morning – something that never ever happened – just so we could all watch the Inauguration together.  Dad didn’t want to just record it and play it back for us later that evening – he wanted us to experience it LIVE, while it was happening in Washington D.C., as if we were there, a part of it.  He wanted us to be able to remember sitting together around the TV watching President-Elect Barack Obama take the oath of office.  It was a moment of history, he said.  Unlike any other we’d probably ever see in our lifetimes.  Mom even made us stand up every time they asked the audience in D.C. to stand up – just as though we were there too.  Dad just shook his head at that part, but we humored her anyway.

And Dad said, like he always says, "Remember when I heard him speak in D.C. a year before he even ran for President, before he really was on many people’s radar, and I came home and told you guys that I just heard the most amazing speech, from the most amazing man, and I just have a feeling that one day that man is going to be President of the United States!  Remember that?”

Mom told us we weren’t too young to remember this day, this event, this moment.  "You’ll want to remember this," she told us.  "You see, you look at him and you don’t see the color of his skin. But some grown-ups aren’t as wise as you and even when I was a little baby, there were some places in our country where a black man and a white man couldn’t sit and have lunch together.  So the fact that a black man could become President of the United States, the highest office and title in the land (possibly in the world) is a really big deal." 

But is Barack Obama really going to change America?  Is he really going to stop global warming, we asked her?  One man can’t do it alone, she reminded us.  "It’s up to us too – all of us. We all need to be a part of the change. We have to ask, 'How can we help?  How can we serve?' Just like he said in his speech, we have to become a part of something greater than ourselves."  

Mom asked us later what our favorite part of the whole Inauguration was.  We told her we liked the part where they fired the canons at the end – real cannons – how cool was that!  And the part where he kinda messed up on his lines when he was taking the oath of office – cuz that showed us that even such a great speaker like Barack Obama, even the President, can flub things up from time to time.   

You are a part of history, she told us.  This moment means so much to so many on so many different levels. You will remember this day!

Maybe not always – but certainly on this, Mom was right.

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  1. callieandbatido Says:
    January 21st, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    What an wonderful, amazing, world changing, history making day it was yesterday! I don’t think there is anything any of us could have learned in school or at our jobs yesterday that compares. I am so thankful and proud to be part of this country.

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