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A Must Read for 2009

Have you heard about what is happening in our economy lately?  Have you heard the recent predictions from the leading economic and financial experts?  Are you aware the mortgage and housing crisis is due to get worse?  Do you know the HUGE storm lurking on our horizon is with credit cards and it is already starting to hit?  Unemployment numbers are due to RISE for at least the next two years.  The downturn is predicted to continue through 2009 AND 2010.  No turn-around is anticipated anytime in the near future!  None of the many experts dispute any of this. 

2009 needs to be the year of living consciously.  I don't know your situation, but to think that you will not be affected in some way is foolish.  So what can you do?  Stay awake – aware – conscious.  Don't hide your head or live in denial that you will be untouched.  Be proactive.  Get as much as information as you can so you can make informed, intelligent decisions. 

2009 Action plan
Suze Orman has a new book out – written just for this year (2009) – because this year will be unlike any other we have experienced.  Why do you need this book?  Because I think at least ONE of the chapter topics will be of interest to you and your situation.  Whether it is spending, saving, real estate, credit, retirement investing, paying for college, or just protecting yourself and your future, there just might be some useful information for you.  Worse case you read it (it is a very easy read) and say, "I know ALL this; I am already doing ALL of this."  Then, if that is the case, you can sincerely congratulate yourself for you are truly taking care of your financial future (and freedom). 

For the rest of us though, there is always room for improvement.  If you gain even just a couple tips that can help your financial situation, isn't it worth it?  Oh yeah, and here is the best part:  you can get this book FOR FREE.  Now what have you got to lose? 

For 1 week, it is available for FREE, as a download, on Oprah.com.  Click on this link, choose whether you want English or Spanish, and download it at no cost right away.  Want the actual book?  Head over to your local bookstore and purchase it.  But how can you beat FREE

This Zen Mama Wannabe believes you need to get helpful information from every source you can.  Information is power.  Maybe you make some changes, maybe you don't.  But don't for one second think it is not happening, or not about to get worse, or that it won't in some way (or can't) happen to you.  Make this the year of living consciously. 

It goes without saying that I get nothing for making this recommendation (because obviously, the book is already FREE).  I just thought it was too good of an opportunity to pass up and wanted everybody to know! 

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