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A Magic Potion to Combat Fear

Okay I want something to happen right now.  Really badly.  I mean really really badly!  It isn’t actually that I want it – it’s more like I NEED it to happen.  And it hasn’t happened yet.  So I’m full of fear – fear that it won’t and I (we) will be stuck.  Fear that it won’t and we will miss out on a current opportunity.  Fear that we are in a nose dive right now, heading straight for a crash.  I know we’ll pull out in time (before we hit bottom) but I’m feeling the fear of a hair-raising, white-knuckle ride along the way. 

What do you do when you are feeling like this?  (DO you ever feel like this??)  What do you tell yourself in those dark moments, when you are really feeling worried or afraid?  What do you do to combat the fear?

I SAY it’s all gonna be all right.  It’s all going to work out.  It always does.  Positive thinking.  Yada yada yada.  But when I’m alone, I feel that nervous lump in the pit of my stomach, and I start having doubts.  I do believe it will all work out – but I want it to work out NOW.  I want to move on – and sooner rather than later, thank you very much.  Obviously, I am not meant too – not yet.  Perhaps that is the lesson:  how do you stay calm in the midst of the storm? 

Marianne Williamson writes in her best selling book A Return to Love:

It’s easy to have faith when things are going well.  But there are times in everyone’s life when we have to fly on instruments, just like a pilot making a landing in low visibility.  He knows the land is there, but he can’t see it.  He must trust his instruments to navigate for him.  And so it is with us, when things aren’t what we’d like them to be.

She goes on to write about a quote from the Talmud, the Jewish book of wisdom, which says:

During the time of the darkest night, act as if the morning has already come.

That is the same technique all the creative visualization books recommend; to act as if that which you want is already here.  Instead of sending out a nervous, fearful vibe, act as if that which you seek has already happened for you in your life.  And all the books say that in doing that, the universe will match your vibration.  Think fear, you get fear.  Think lack, you get lack.  Think abundance, you get abundance. 

I’m going to try doing that (as a practice) several times a day this week.  I am going to say my affirmations as if what I really (really) want has already happened.  “I now have ______ in my life.  I am thankful and appreciative and have moved on to the next step in this process.” 

I do these affirmations from time to time and I have to say, it works.  My husband calls it me talking to the universe.  When things get tricky from time to time, he’ll say, “Hey – why don’t you put a call into the universe for us?”  He’s only joking – but even he would have to admit it works!  We’ll look back on things later on, and I’ll point out how we got pretty much just what we asked for.  (Tip to the wise:  be careful what you ask for – or forget to ask for! Yep, I learned that one too.)

Of course you would think with this proven connection, I would stay sane (and worry-free) all the time.  But no – I am not nearly that wise or spiritually evolved.  This Zen Mama Wannabe can panic and freak out with the best of them.  Until I get to that dark place, where I simply cannot take the anxiety and HAVE to do something (a bit hard when it is a situation you have little or no control over).  Then I work on my fearful thoughts, turning them into positive affirmations instead.  Remember, it is all about changing the energy. 

Please don’t get distracted by the name or labels used.  Whether you call it God, the universe, a higher power, or just plain energy, I don’t think that really matters.  It is whatever works for you. As a well-known clergyman once said, “I don’t think God gets hung up on the labels.”  (Amen to that.)  At the moment, I am praying to God and talking to the universe and trying to change my energy vibration.  I need all the help I can get.

So starting today I am doing my affirmations.  I am dedicating time to say them to myself, convincingly, several times throughout the day.  I am going to write them down as if they already had happened (as if the morning had already come) and make them my mantra for when I’m sitting at red lights, or cleaning the kitchen, or getting ready for bed.  You should try it too.  It really does work, and besides, what do you have to lose – except maybe those fearful thoughts?

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One Response to “A Magic Potion to Combat Fear”

  1. LarkLady Says:
    January 27th, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Ah… the power of positive thinking!

    I can get it to work for me at 2 in the afternoon most of the time (some of the time?). But it’s the doubts and fears at 2 in the morning that I’m powerless against. Rationally, I know that if I can just ride it out until the (literal!) light of day, I’ll be all right… but I simply don’t think rationally in those fearful dark hours of the night/early morning. My husband has asked on more than one occasion — in the morning light, after I’ve had a nightmare or an attack of what I call Night Devils: those paralysing fears that can be worse than nightmares — why I didn’t wake him up to talk it through, or at least to get a hug??? And logically, that’s exactly what I should have done… except that when I’m caught up in that darkness, it never crosses my mind that help is less than a foot away.

    So think positive and affirming thoughts while you’re awake…

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