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So Long to Christmas

Well, are you done with the holidays?  When are they officially over for you?  Are you the one on your block that (still) has your outside lights up when it is Super Bowl Sunday?  Or do you have everything packed up and put away before the calendar changes for the New Year?

Previously, I liked to stretch it out as long as I could.  Which for me meant definitely through New Year’s Day.  But by the time the kids went back to school that first week in January, things were back in their boxes in the garage.  By then, it felt like it was time. 

This year, my plans are being dictated by our Christmas tree — the big, beautiful 8-foot tall one we got near the beginning of December.  The one I oohed and aahed over – and emphatically exclaimed was the “most beautiful tree I had ever seen.”   You say that every year, my husband reminded me.  Yeah, but I mean it!  But this masterpiece of a tree didn’t drink water like it should have, and has slowly gone limp and lifeless.  When ornaments start falling off because the tree branches are droopy, you KNOW it is a sign that the tree has to go!

I am actually okay with packing everything up tomorrow.  It feels a bit soothing to think of starting off the New Year with that part already taken care of.  This year anyway, I am ready to move on.  I’m ready to start thinking about 2009 and all that I want to do and create and make happen.  I am eager to get rid of clutter and lighten our load and somehow that is lot easier to think about when you are not surrounded by endless decorations of a holiday since passed.

It was a good Christmas, but I’m tired (exhausted really) and ready to let this holiday season come to an end.  I baked the cookies and sent the cards, wrapped the gifts and played holiday music well into the nights.  I stood in long lines at the post office, grocery story and the mall. (Recession?  Really?  It didn’t feel that way fighting the crowds at my mall).  I read the kids a different Christmas story each night, kept track of whose turn it was to open which advent calendar each day, and tried to teach (and remember) the “true meaning” of Christmas.   You know what I’m getting at:  I am done. 

So for us, tomorrow the decorations will come down. When we ring in the New Year this week, this Zen Mama Wannabe will have a clean slate (or at least a clean house) and be ready to turn the page to ‘09.  Our lovely tree had its moment, Christmas and all its splendor had its moment, all the holiday festivities we enjoyed had their moments – but as with all good parties, you need to know when it is time to call it a night and say your goodbyes. 

So goodbye Holiday Season 08.  I already know a few things I will do differently the NEXT time around.  But for right now, I am ready to pack it all up and NOT think about Christmastime for a while (other than working on all the thank you notes we need to do).  What about you??  Still at the party – or have you called it a night year?

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One Response to “So Long to Christmas”

  1. callieandbatido Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 11:07 am

    I too am taking down and packing up our Christmas decorations today. I love ringing in the new year with a clean slate, or house as it may be. There is something about it which feels so “everything is possible” to me. And I am ready to be done with the whole holiday season, as much as I enjoyed it, and get on with living life.

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