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“Quick” Visit to the Doctor

Ever been in a doctor’s exam room, half naked, waiting to be seen?  Waiting.  Waiting. Waiting.  You’ve read the magazine you brought in the room with you – twice – and it wasn’t even a good one to begin with.  Tick tock.  You have things to do.  You crammed scheduled this appointment in among the many other things you needed to get done in the few free hours you have before picking your son or daughter up from school.   Tick tock.  What do you do?  Put BACK ON your clothes so you can pop out and see what the deal is?  Perhaps there is some wild emergency going on.  Maybe they have evacuated the building and just forgotten to come and tell you!  Maybe there is a perfectly good reason why you are sitting here waiting as time keeps ticking on by.  Or not.

If my day did not feel so rushed, I think this Zen Mama Wannabe would have been content to sit there shivering in my paper robe.  I have been meaning to find the time to read through last month’s issue of O Magazine, or maybe flip through the waiting room copies of House Beautiful or Martha Stewart Living.  If I had had my pen and notebook with me, which I use for “emergencies” just like this one, I could have done some writing or made out another holiday To Do list.

But there are no other reading materials in this exam room, except the Lifestyles of the Insanely Rich and Extravagant glossy that I had already perused (just a little hard for me to relate to the “must have” $15,000 handbag featured this month).   As it would go, I didn’t remember to bring a pad of paper with me as I rushed out the door earlier this morning.  And quite honestly, I am not in the mood to sit there and day dream/meditate.  I want to get what was supposed to be a “quick” (their words) follow-up visit over with and get on with my day! 

When she finally enters the room, her big smile greets me.  I partially smile back as I wait for the apology that I know is bound to follow.  Only, it never does!  Instead she starts in with a stream of pleasant small talk and then how I look just like this woman named Julia and do I know Julia and oh my goodness, Julia and I could be twins! 

What do you do with that?  What a great distraction technique, eh?  The whole twin thing throws me.  Now I can’t help but wonder, if I saw this woman, would I think she looked like me?  Don’t you wonder sometimes how people see you?  What you see as “golden brown” maybe others see as “dishwater blond” – which I never thought sounded particularly appealing, no matter WHOSE hair it is describing.  What you call just a few pounds, others might call bustin' at the seams.  What you think of as casual, others call dumpy.  You get the idea. 

So, no  "Sorry to keep you waiting."  No  "Oh, we’ve been so-o busy this morning."  Just that I look just like this Julia lady she knows.  And before I know it, my “quick” appointment is done.  Guess it was quick – except for the long part where I had to wait.  And wait.  And wait. 

Was it Fate’s sense of humor when I popped into Starbucks for a pick-me-up coffee later in the day that the girl behind the counter’s name was Julia?!  I of course discretely studied every feature – like any confirmed crazy lady would – and finally reached the conclusion that she looked nothing like me.  But I must say, she sure made a tasty nonfat peppermint latte.  And after all the other stuff, who could ask for anything more?!

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One Response to ““Quick” Visit to the Doctor”

  1. LarkLady Says:
    November 8th, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I guess we’ve all been in that position more times than we’d like — let’s face it, ONCE is more times than we’d like!

    I’d really love to hear from some people in the medical profession, to get their side of it… there surely must be some reason other than sheer rudeness! I try to schedule doctor appointments when I don’t have to be somewhere critical afterwards for the simple reason that otherwise my blood pressure is likely to go off the charts from the tension of all that waiting, waiting, waiting… but that limits my availability for doctor appointments, since there aren’t that many times in any given month when I don’t have a fairly full calendar already!

    Aggravating, isn’t it?

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