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Beware! A Halloween Candy Scare

With Halloween just days away, candy is on many people's minds.  As in, "How can I get as much candy as possible?" to "Do we have enough bags of candy to hand out?" – because as we all know, you never want to be the house that runs out of candy early in the evening (hex on you!).  At the same time, you don't want to have a huge bowl or container of it left over at the end of the night either (because, being the dutiful adults that we are, we can't bare the thought of it going to waste – and that is where it ultimately ends up: on our WAISTS!).  It is quite a balancing act, and what happens to many of us is in a last minute moment of panic, we run out and buy just a bit more – just to be safe.  And this year, being SAFE is on a lot of people's minds!

Emails are flying around the internet right now about some chocolate candy being recalled because of the risk of Melamine contamination, which is highly toxic even in very small amounts.  Here is part of the email I got:

The info below was verified by Snopes. Please pass this on to people in contact with children or even lovers of chocolate coins.

There is a new warning put out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency…Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate coins are being recalled due to the fact that they contain Melamine, the contaminant in milk product that has caused many infant deaths in china. These candies are sold at Costco, as well as many bulk and dollar stores.  Please make sure to check your children's Halloween candy and DO NOT LET THEM EAT THE PIRATE COINS (you know the ones wrapped in the shiny gold foil) and please let other parents know about this.

Sherwood Brands is saying this recall is for chocolate coins vended only in Canada and that none of this chocolate reached the U.S.  This may be true, but we might want to error on the side of caution.  Certainly no chocolate coins will be going anywhere near my children's mouths — that is one simple way to alleviate any uncertainty. 

The potentially bigger issue is that this Melamine problem in chocolate is quite possibly not restricted to these chocolate coins alone.  A number of U.S. manufactures buy their milk, chocolate, etc. from China.  Already this week, British chocolate maker Cadbury ordered a recall of its China made products and CNN went on to report the following:

"U.S. companies Kraft Foods Inc. and Mars Inc. said they would adhere to a recall order of Chinese-made Oreo wafers, M&Ms and Snickers in Indonesia, but said they wanted to conduct their own tests with outside experts.

So far only a local agency has checked the products for melamine, but the levels found were considered very high."

No! Not my beloved M&Ms and Snicker bars!!!  What would Halloween be without them??!  Again, this Zen Mama Wannabe should point out the reports are thus far saying it is their Chinese-made products and no massive recall has been issued here in the U.S.  I am not sure if it says on each individually wrapped candy where it was made, but I can tell you this year I will be checking our loot extra carefully. 

For those of you handing out treats, please take a moment to double-check the packaging of your goodies — if all those vampires, ghosts and goblins standing at your doorstep don't appreciate your cautiousness, well, I know their parents sure do!

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3 Responses to “Beware! A Halloween Candy Scare”

  1. Tonggu Momma Says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 10:33 am

    I just wrote about melamine on my blog today. We had the Tongginator tested this past week — a renal ultrasound — because of possible exposure during her first year in China.

    I hadn’t even thought of Halloween candy.

    The China Beat has some great links about melamine if anyone wants to learn more.


  2. callieandbatido Says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    I will be watching my kids Halloween loot closely this season too. Thanks for the warning Zen Mama.

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    February 19th, 2011 at 11:04 am

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