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Up for a Challenge?

Are you up for a challenge?  Ready to try something that could not only help others around you but possibly change your life as well?  Are you finding yourself in need of a little something – like a life with a little more purpose, or a better feeling about the life you are living?  Do you sometimes feel like there is something missing – you are just not sure what it is or what to do about it?  Well, I may have found just the thing you (and I) need.               


                          Give away 29 things in 29 days.

I ran across this idea on a recent post by Morningside Mom.  I was intrigued and followed the link to 29gifts.org where Cami Walker, the Creator of the 29-Day Giving Challenge talks about how this whole thing came to be.  During a hard time in her life, it was suggested to her that in order to “get outside of your struggle, give one thing away each day for 29 days.” 

She did it and experienced amazing results.  She told some friends and before long people were signing up from all over to take this challenge.  Now her goal is to start a giving movement within the world.  In these troubling times, doesn’t this seem like something we all really need?   

It sounds simple – but is it?  Women usually give so much of themselves as it is.  Some days it can feel like that is all we have done – give to our families, give to work, give to school, give to the various activities, give to our spouses and partners – but what about ourselves?  Tired and exhausted we slump on the couch after being on the go since the sun came up, thinking, “You want me to think about who I can give to next??”  Maybe, as Morningside Mom points out, you might want to think about giving to yourself.  At that moment, that might be one of the greatest gifts to give.  But what if, as she points out, for just these 29 days, we stretch ourselves to “reach beyond that level of giving we are already competent at.”  I wonder what effect it would have in our lives – and in the world? 

Here is another “pay it forward” opportunity – you know how much this Zen Mama Wannabe believes in this!  But am I up for the 29-Day Giving Challenge?  Ooh – here is an idea:  what about doing this with our kids too??!  Wow – think of the possibilities!  There is no age requirement for giving.  It would be an awesome thing to do with teens, but even my 7 and 4 year old can participate.  What is the story at your house?  Up for a challenge?  Ready to see what can happen? 

They were trying to get 2,000 people to sign up by September 29th.  Earlier today, they reached that goal!  Now they are shooting for 20,000 givers.  But whenever you read this, you can sign up – there is no deadline for giving!  Officially signing up, by the way, makes you feel more committed.  You don’t have to sign up – you could just have a go at this on your own – but why not be part of this movement of giving?  Can you imagine if 20,000 people committed to do it – or 2,000,000 – or more? 

Can one person at a time really change the world?  Yes – but Ms. Walker says, “to see the world change, we have to be willing to DO something to change the world.”

If tackling changing the world sounds too much for you right now, then think about changing YOUR world.  The same principle applies: in order to see YOUR world change, you have to be willing to DO something to change your world.  I am ready for some change – are you? 

By the way, 29gifts.org has a great tool to use (especially if you choose to get your kids involved).  It is a free calendar to download and print out; on each of the 29 days, you write in what you gave – and also what you received.  As with any thing, it is so important to WRITE IT DOWN and this calendar makes it so easy.  I am printing out 3; my kids and I will start today.  Thanks Morningside Mom, for mentioning this!  Now let’s see how we do!  Anyone else care to join me?

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