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All About Choices

It’s all about making choices.  I tell my kids this constantly.  You can CHOOSE to get upset (about big brother using up most of flat yard space to play his pretend baseball game, or little sister making a fairy house right in the middle of your outfield) or choose to handle it differently. (Like, here is a thought:  MOVE to another area.  We have lots of outside space to play in; why is it that they always have to be in the SAME space at the SAME time?!) Either way, it is your choice. 

I tell my husband this when he reluctantly has to accept an invitation to a mere acquaintance’s big birthday bash – on a Sunday afternoon when he’d much rather be hanging out at home, playing with the kids or puttering around.  You can CHOOSE to make the best of it, go with a good attitude and hopefully have a better time than you’re expecting – or not. All your choice.
And I tell myself this when that little voice comes drifting out of the freezer once the kids have gone to bed:  “I’m here – just waiting – soft and creamy – eat me.”

Those Near and Dear to me know this to be true:  I like food.  Especially ice cream.  I’m one of those that when the kids get to visit Baskin Robbins, I’m up at the counter right there with them – and not just to pay for our treats; I’m always holding one in my fist too.

Rockyroad So it wasn’t a particularly easy choice when I say I didn’t eat dessert last night.  Relaxing on the couch, watching a little TV, and savoring a little bowl of ice cream (“little” is a relative term, right?) sounds like a good night to me!   But I didn’t last night, and not just because there is nothing good on TV anymore.  It was because of those fried wontons I couldn’t help but remember back to – the ones I had eaten only a few hours before.  The crab-cream cheese fried wontons from the local Chinese take out, the ones I generously dipped in sweet-n-sour sauce before popping in my mouth.  Five wontons come in an order, and I ate four (nice of me to let one out of my grip share one, eh?). What do you think – 100 calories per wonton?  Minimumally.  Oh yeah, plus the beer I had to wash it all down.  As well as the healthy portion of Cashew Shrimp I ate for “dinner,” as the wontons were an appetizer if you want to get technical about it.   

You can see I’m no hero here when I say I skipped dessert.  I had more than enough at dinner.  And yet, the voice from the freezer still came calling.  I had to make a choice.  My taste buds could imagine the creamy Rocky Road flavor slipping down my throat, mixed in with the crunch of the almonds and the soft, squishiness of the mini-marshmallows.  Was instant gratification going to win out over the misery I’d feel stepping on the bathroom scale the next morning? 

Quick – I was wavering, the voice was getting louder.  Before I gave it any more thought, I grabbed a big glass of water, shut off the kitchen light and went upstairs to distract myself on the computer, answering emails and catching up on the news of the day.  Phew – I did it!  This Zen Mama Wannabe made a good choice, the crisis on the scale the next morning was diverted.  Well, except for all those crispy fried wontons I ate, but hey – I am a Wannabe, far from perfect – cut me some slack! (If only the scale would too!)

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